About me

Hi, I’m Chris Chrisostomou, a multi disciplined, full stack web developer, designer and consultant working in Leeds in the UK. I specialize in developing complex PHP applications and compelling UIs, with a strong focus on UX, best practices and clean code, and a good eye for detail. I also have a broad range of experience with HTML/CSS and Javascript, and Linux server management.

I’ve always been drawn to the idea of managing projects from cradle to grave – from early brainstorming, wireframes and mockups, to the management of the development process (preferring to use agile methodologies where possible), to testing, to server setup and continuous deployment, all the way through to managing maintenance. I enjoy the opportunity to touch on every part of the process.

I’ve been hacking at code for the best part of 20 years, starting with a swish GeoCities site (complete with animated “under construction” gifs and scrolling <marquee> text), starting my career working with classic ASP, before moving to PHP. More recently, I’ve taken an interest in javascript, with EmberJS my framework of choice and some experience with Vue and React. I am a huge proponent of Continuous Integration, having used Jenkins, CircleCI and Gitlab CI for test running and automated deployment on various projects. I also enjoy setup and management of servers, and have experience using ansible for this purpose.

From a design perspective, I am a well seasoned HTML/CSS developer, with a good eye for design and enough Photoshop & GIMP ability to get me by.

Glastonbury addict, cartoon aficionado, proud father, Xbox gamer. Partial to a Steam sale. Claim to fame is being in the top 1000 worldwide leaderboard on a level of Geometry Wars 2 on Xbox.

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